Bergsjostolen is located at 1100 meters altitude and offer great snowkiting right at the doorstep. The hotel is located at the end of the road and is surrounded by wind and snow for 6-7 months every year.



Hotel opens for guests 26 december every year. The best season for snowkiting is from end of december through April.



During the darkest part of the season (january) floodlights are used to  make it possible to kite even at night!


No wind activities:

Since wind in the mountains can be unstable and unpredictable at times, the hotel have invested in Norways only system 2.0 snowcable park that is located right outside the hotel. So even if the wind is low you will be able to have a ton of fun


Surrounding spots

For special windconditions or change of scenery you are able to travel for 1-2 hours in several directions from the hotel to find other worldclass snowkitespots.


Wind statistics:

Wind and snow in the mountain at high altitude can be very unpredictable. There is no official statistics for this spot but the local kiters and kiteschool claim that this spot is one of the most windy spots you can find in Norway. In the last 15 years the national snowkite championship has been held in this spot on 4 occations with good wind in every event.


Closed roads:

The road leading up to the hotel is always open. During heavy storms the last 2 km might be temporarily filled with snow, but if such weather is present the hotel will be able to pick you up with a snowmobile or heavy equipment. So the spot and hotel is always possible to reach no matter the weatherconditions.



Don`t break a sweat! Ofcourse the hotel have a compressor to pump up your kite quick and easy


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